How To Pick Designer Shower Curtains

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You’ve finally made the decision to go ahead with the bathroom renovation you’ve been putting off. You’ve got your budget together, you’ve picked the best bathroom accessories, that you think will suit the design you want to go with.

Designed Shower Curtains

Designer Shower Curtains

But what about the small things like the shower curtain, something off the shelf just won’t go with the clear glass bathroom accessories that you bought, you can give some serious consideration to going with .

Off the Shelf or Designer

There are some very obvious benefits with going for off the shelf bathroom accessories, they are just quicker to make you choice. eg. if it’s on the shelf, and it’s close to what you want then you take it with you.

Generally you will find it cheaper, then going with designer anything. Getting things custom made especially designer shower curtains takes time to make, depending on what type of shower curtain you decide to go with, the material could cost you more as well.

It really comes down to your particular need, weather you decide to go for designer or off the shelf. If you are renovating a small standard bathroom, then yes you can most probably find what you are looking for off the shelf.

If you are doing a high priced bathroom, renovation, and are looking for some that is customer to your tastes, then obviously you will go with designed shower curtains.
Getting a shower curtain made.

If at all possible you want the contractor to come to your place and measure the requirements for your designer shower curtain themselves. That way you won’t get it wrong. There is nothing worse than when you go to put the finishing touches on a renovation project, and you find the small important thing don’t fit.

Deciding what material to use

Back in the day, shower curtains where generally made from thin plastic, maybe with a colorful print on it, that where hung by ring on a curtain rod. These days, you can have something custom made to suit just about every bathroom scenario you might thing off.

You can have anything from a custom print plastic designer shower curtain to a custom made clear glass tile.

Whatever you do , just make sure that your choosing for the right reasons, if you plan on selling the house quickly, you might want to make sure your not putting your colorful personality into it, and choose design things that are more general in nature.

When it comes to getting designer shower curtains, just make sure you are getting something that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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