Unique Bathroom Tile Ideas To Use At Home

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Tiles are flooring products that have been developed for use in different applications in properties. They are able to be used on the floor, in bathroom partitions, patios and residential homes. Another area that is popular to use tiles is in cooking areas, particularly in kitchen splashbacks, and in some cases on counter tops. While most tiles are of the practical variety, there are places where ornamental ones are used to great effect in home renovations.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Floor Tile Design Concept

Bathroom decorating is usually quite an expensive project, so it’s important to get it right in choosing the appropriate ceramic tiles for the floor and partitions of the restroom. You are able to select the various tiles on offer for a bathroom, such as ceramic or porcelain floor tiles as well as glass tiles. There are many attractive decorative tiles also available to enhance the overall look of the bathroom.

As mentioned earlier there are various designs as well as patterned tiles and all are available from any reputable tile outlet. Tiles are available in a variety of sizes that will suit the size and structure of the bathroom. Porcelain tiles come in single colors to suit any taste for a one color design as well as multicolored.

Colour tiles

White tiles are commonly used in bathrooms and restrooms, however unless relived by the addition of color elsewhere in the room may have a clinical appearance. Tiles of pastel hues such as jasmine for a bathroom are always popular.

The selection of de-saturated (earthy coloured) tiles laid in a checkered design will give you a stunning finish. If you are intending to lay tiles on the walls as well as on the floor, be mindful that the wall and floor tiles complement each other.

Bright and lively coloured tiles such as, burgundy, pink or rare metal will give the bathroom a larger appearance. Stone or copper shades of tiles offer the appearance of a rustic look. There are a few tiles that are made out of natural resources, such as wood, stone and cork, and all these will be excellent in giving you a patterned look in your bathroom.

Mosaic floor tiles

Mosaic floor tiles come in unique designs and patterns so that when laid in perhaps a diamond design will add depth and focus on the way you bathroom will look. In the smaller restroom, melding tiles in a certain pattern gives a focal point to the room.

Wine Glass Tiles

Another attractive tile that is often used in restrooms and bathrooms is the wine glass tiles. Goblet tiles, although more expensive than clay or ceramic tiles may add a remarkable look to your bathroom.

Goblet tiles allows light into the room while securing your privacy. They may distort your wall shades and give off a luminous effect to the walls. These goblet tiles are highly polished and will offer a contemporary look for a bathroom. It is possible to fuse novelty objects such as shells, and small porcelain figures within the glass tile to give the room a classy stunning look. If you are looking to be artistic in your bathroom, try placing goblet tiles in the shower recess.

By using this variety of tiles you will be sure to revamp the bathroom to the look of a contemporary modern room. By applying the same treatment to the toilet, they will complement each other and not be the boring rooms they once were.

Toilets and Bathrooms

Toilets and bathrooms are areas that have the potential to occasionally have wet areas on the floor; therefore it is important to ensure that the tiles that are laid on the floor are of the non-slip variety.

Be mindful of the hygiene that is required in those rooms and choose appropriately smooth tiles to suit. Tiles with groves and ridges on them are areas where bacteria may grow, and that in turn may be detrimental to the health of the householder.

No matter whether you are remodeling or creating a new bathroom and toilet in your home, tiles are sure to give those rooms the sensational look you wish to achieve.

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