How to Donate Used Furniture in Bloomington, IL

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You can donate used furniture, if you have some used furniture you need to get rid of.  You can also post your donation on the following year’s tax return, as long as you donate your used furniture to an organization that accepts tax deductible donations.

In Bloomington, Illinois, the Recycling Furniture for Families Program works with local agencies to supply families in need with basic household goods.

You can donate your used furniture in the RFF.  RFF is a non-profit and Christian ministry. They have a program to collect furniture from the community or individual, and then they dispense the furniture to the families at no cost.

Donate used furniture

What to do to donate your used furniture

You can also donate your used furniture to a local charity. First, you should gather together all the used furniture that you want to donate.  You should also clean anything that is dirty.  If possible, you should repair your used furniture. You can arrange for a pickup or take your furniture straight to the donation center.

Service Recipients to Donate Used Furniture in Bloomington, IL

McLean County social services organizations and churches are worked with families in need and also have relationship with RFF.

RFF is referred the current clients of these churches and organizations. There are categories of clients, include domestic violence, leaving homelessness, and those living below or at the federal poverty line.

Donations of Used Furniture in Bloomington, IL

RFF accepts furniture and financial donation from the community. Furniture can be picked up by volunteers or dropped off at the organization’s warehouse. RFF is usually interested in furniture that is not broken, soiled, and torn.

Additionally, RFF also does not accept games, toys, typewriters, large appliances, exercise equipment, clothing, lawn furniture, Christmas decorations, formal dinnerware, and lawn furniture.

You can donate your used furniture such as kitchen items, mattresses, tables, coffee tables, small appliances, box springs, dressers, bed frames, headboards, night tables, cribs with mattresses, and couches.

Volunteers of RFF to Donate Used Furniture in Bloomington, IL

Basically, volunteers are needed for cleaning, office work, delivering furniture, intake, repairing furniture, working in the warehouse, truck maintenance, and assisting deliveries. Office work can involve mailings, filing, and data entry.

Those who responsible to clean the office weekly, they are called cleaning volunteers. Intake volunteers are responsible for scheduling deliveries, conducting interviews, and assisting with furniture selection. Volunteers in the warehouse are responsible for load trucks; restock furniture, kitchen items, and linens.

Bloomington SVDP Home Page

Repair volunteers also have tasks such as oiling hinges, assembling furniture, cleaning upholstery, and reassembling furniture. Delivery assistants and truck drivers must be able to lift and move furniture. Additionally, truck drivers must have valid driver’s license and a good driving record.

These volunteers are helped RFF to collect donated furniture and financial from the community and individual. You can donate your used furniture in Bloomington, IL through these volunteers. If you want to be a volunteer, you can fill out an application that is available on the RFF website.

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